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Diving into the world of business and entrepreneurship can be intimidating. Even with all the potential rewards waiting down the line, many women are still hesitant to try and create their businesses. However, finding a female mentor can help make the process feel more approachable, increasing the odds of success for the younger entrepreneurs.

Mentors can be an excellent resource for those willing to listen. They’ve had years of experience in the industry, knowledge that can be invaluable for younger generations. 

The Importance of Female Mentors

Finding a female mentor can be a critical first step for those looking to form a new business. The reason why experts recommend finding another woman is because they will undoubtedly have faced the same challenges.

Female mentors can provide advice on dealing with gender-related challenges that may come up and even help generate plans to avoid those challenges altogether. Additionally, mentors can help new entrepreneurs give their networking a jump-start.

Knowing What You Need

The first step in finding the right mentor for you is asking yourself what you need. Are there specific skills you’re looking to round out? Or are you hoping for general industry knowledge? 

Knowing what you want out of a mentor will help you find the right one. Next, it is time to look at entrepreneurs within the industry/specialty you hope to learn from. Take the time to learn about potential mentors before approaching them. It will save everyone time in the long run.

Reaching Out

Courting a mentor is very similar to finding investors for a business. In other words, be ready to create the perfect pitch. Have an elevator pitch ready; only this time, the pitch will be about yourself instead of your business.

Explain why you want this person to become your mentor during the pitch and what you hope to learn from them. This should include specific examples of their work. You want to make it clear that you’ve done your research.

Please note: the method for approaching mentors has changed in recent years. Previously, the best way to approach a potential mentor was in person. However, with the rise of a global pandemic, virtual methods are now the best way to reach out.