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As a female entrepreneur, it’s important to hear the insights and advice from fellow women who are leaders in their industry. More often than not, it’s men giving tips on how to run a successful business and giving out advice designed to help men succeed. 

However, there are plenty of successful female entrepreneurs with tips, advice, and stories that are sure to help other women succeed. One of the best ways to hear from these types of women is by listening to these insightful podcasts for female entrepreneurs:

Being Boss

Being Boss is hosted by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, who each run a small business. With a new episode each week, this podcast has had more than 5 million downloads since launching in early 2015.  Being Boss features many episodes that deal with the issues of tough conversations with co-founders and employees, as well as discussions about creating digital boundaries. This is a great podcast to teach female entrepreneurs the skills they need to be a boss.

Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic is a podcast that is specifically aimed at women who are running a small business, bloggers, and creative minds. This weekly podcast is hosted by Sara Tasker who uses each episode to help you create online success. She teaches her listeners how she built her business into a 6-figure success story and how she grew her online presence to what it is today. For women entrepreneurs looking to demand their business online, this is the perfect podcast. 

She Did It Her Way

Hearing the stories of successful entrepreneurs can help others find their own success. The podcast She Did It Her Way is a great source of inspiration for female entrepreneurs. This amazing podcast features a different female entrepreneur every week as they talk about the challenges they faced as a woman and how they overcame them. Thanks to this podcast, women are able to reach out to fellow women looking to have their own success stories. 

The Marie Forleo Podcast

As the creator of one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie Forleo hosts her very own podcast to give advice on running a successful business. Each episode of her inspirational podcast is used to share how to achieve greater happiness, success, and productivity as a female entrepreneur. From discussing marketing strategies, career advice, to overall lifestyle tips, the Marie Forleo Podcast is great for any woman looking to take charge in her industry.